Human solutions
for business results
- Humanizing the workplace -
Energy and engagement followed by practical tools
Where to start?
I recommend starting with a preliminary consultation.

Duration: 60 to 80 minutes.

Objective: analyze current situation and company needs.

Result: proposal with clear directions for improvement.

The principle of reasonable practicality: work ethics is my strong priority, which implies I strive for open and honest communication, and put feasibility and practicality of the proposed solutions on the first place. The consultation and preparatory work help cut off any irrelevant aspects and bring maximum benefit.
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WIN-WIN for Business AND People:

contribute to creating and developing High Performance Culture, an atmosphere of greater trust, cooperation and fulfilling of employees' full potential.
Types of services

Strategy and team development
Workshop is a practical group format aimed at
elaborating best solutions for top-of-the-agenda business challenges

Workshop = practical instruments +
fresh perspective and group wisdom engagement

Maximize results and team energy
Team Workshops give people a sense of how they can influence their productivity and be responsible for results as a team. There is also a team-building component that progresses the team towards new level of team work.
Increase engagement and intrinsic motivation
All tools are based on system of intrinsic motivation and allow you to quickly increase the engagement of the participants. Highly motivated employees get more pleasure from work. And satisfied employees always convert into satisfied customers and more profits.
Give impulse to company development
Workshop format will create necessary conditions for participants to elaborate and engage in projects that will bring the company to new level of results. The format also contributes to becoming deliberately developmental organization capable of addressing new challenges related to company growth and market changes.
It is time to increase team engagement and raise company performance
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Strategic Leader
for business owners and managers
Strategic Leader = Development of potential +
new performance level
Series of individual coaching meetings

New level of performance requires
new tools and strategies
Strengthen the results of interaction with employees
Fixed solutions no longer work. At each meeting we will deconstruct and discuss specific work situations and ways to apply new tools.
Learn to give qualitative attention to strategic tasks
The format "Strategic leader" will help you once and for all withdraw from the role of supervisor and controller, someone who needs to constantly "put out fires", and instead help extend your management repertoire and see the actual level of results your motivated employees are capable of.
Optimize team work for maximum performance
A strong result of the program is that you learn how to conduct an effective interactions with team members, distribute tasks in qualitatively stronger manner and delegate responsibility for the result.
It is time to become strategic and maximize leadership potential
STRATEGIC LEADER - Request for coaching
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