Talent management and energy for business results

People come to work for a particular company, but when they quit it is always because of the manager.

Losing employees is very expensive. And when a large customer leaves it can sometimes cost you your business.

Vera Budean
High performance culture expert and trainer
My name is Vera Budean.

In the past - head of an international consulting company, in the present - trainer and mentor, management consultant in motivation and people development, and an entrepreneur.

My areas of interest: systems and tools for productivity improvement, emotional resilience, building effective attitude and full engagement in business results, Agile, change management.

I am creating development programs for leaders and their teams, to help them reach their potential and optimize team work for maximum results.

I am most effective working with people, who value systematic performance based approach and professionalism.

In my work I rely on 10+ years of experience
in international projects, which implies:
the high quality standards at every stage, and
the most advanced tools based on research and scientific data.

In my work you will not find cookie cutter advice or magic formulas

I provide systematic solutions that will not just "patch" a separate issue, but will bring qualitative improvement in results at the level of the department or company.

In addition to the above - I prioritize bringing the energy of interest, drive and optimism to the process of work .

Some people call it a signature style or non-standard approach, and for others it's about interesting presentation style combined with simple practical tools and results.