Human solutions
for business results
- Humanizing the workplace -
Energy and engagement followed by practical tools
Where to start?
I recommend starting with a preliminary consultation.

Duration: 60 to 80 minutes.

Objective: analyze current situation and company needs.

Result: proposal with clear directions for improvement.

The principle of reasonable practicality: work ethics is my strong priority, which implies I strive for open and honest communication, and put feasibility and practicality of the proposed solutions on the first place. The consultation and preparatory work help cut off any irrelevant aspects and bring maximum benefit.
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WIN-WIN for Business AND People:

contribute to creating and developing High Performance Culture, an atmosphere of greater trust, cooperation and fulfilling of employees' full potential.
Ultimate solutions can often combine coaching, strategic workshop with elements of training. The optimal format and contents of the program is determined during a preliminary consultation.
Types of services

team wisdom and synergy
Engage the team
in company development

A strategic workshop is an event at which participants create a strategy for the development of the company and formulate key projects (for the next 6-18 months).

The scenario of the event is designed based on expected results, taking into account the current context of the company (management model, current tasks, etc.) and the team.

A team development workshop is a specific form of a strategic workshop, the main goal of which is to reach a new level of trust and interaction between its participants, to enable them to act as one team, formulate agreements, and work together on challenges the company is facing.

The format in which the owner needs to "sell" or "push" the company goals and strategy to the team no longer works in the current reality.

It is more optimal to include the team at the stage of setting goals — this will allow to take into account many important nuances and avoid critical errors or waste of resources, and there will be no need to "drag", "motivate" or control people during the implementation. At the same time, the quality of solutions with this approach is much higher.

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Non-standard trainings
for business owners, managers and teams
Engaging approach combined with
practical tools and results
Training for companies that value
team engagement and motivation
Maximize results and team energy
Practicum gives people a sense of how they can influence their productivity and be responsible for their state at work. It is especially important for Management role — as the level of energy and engagement of managers is transmitted to their teams and ultimately results in company profits.
Increase engagement and intrinsic motivation
All tools are based on intrinsic motivation and allow to quickly increase the engagement of the participants. Highly motivated employees get more pleasure from work. And satisfied teams always deliver more value and results for clients.
Give a fresh impulse to company development
Team-building aspect of the training contributes to creating mutual development environment in the company.
Examples of trainings:

FLOW. High performance state at work
PLAY. Energy of creativity and drive at work
PROACTIVITY. Learn how to get things done, including situations of no-go
and many others.

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Master of change
Consulting and assistance during change process
Accompanying change processes for a new level of business
Successful implementation of change requires systematic approach and understanding of the necessary elements and stages
Often changes in companies include:

• creating effective project teams,
• opening new offices in other cities,
• transitioning to a new management paradigm,
• creating certain type of culture and values in the company,
• and many other

It is important to mobilize the team for effective implementation of the projected changes, to build communications during the transition period and come to certain agreements in the team(s).

It is also important to build trust and mutual respect in the team as a basis for collaboration in times of high uncertainty and unpredictability, so that team members can navigate and self-correct.

In many cases change is a constant environment in which the company lives, and learning how to manage change effectively, in shortest time and without loss, is a very valuable condition for success in our era of change.
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