Human solutions
for business results
Talent management and energy for maximum performance
culture as strategic advantage
"Culture eats strategy for breakfast,
operational excellence for lunch
and everything else for dinner"
Peter Drucker
Did you know that:
70% of employees are disengaged from their work. It means that majority of them do not use their potential (Gallup)
Only one out of four employees know specifically what is expected from them in every day work (Gallup)
Companies with motivated and engaged teams outperform their competitors by 202% (Carnegie)

Main principle
Creating and developing High Performance Culture -
is key to motivating people to engage, put their heart in the results and ensure extra-effort when necessary.
Why does a company need High Performance Culture?

The question is actually larger than it seems at first glance.
It achieves 3 main goals
Attract most wanted ones
There are good specialists out there. They simply work in other companies.
How to attract the most promising professionals and avoid expensive hiring mistakes?

Maximize performance
How to increase team performance: at top or middle management level, or at specific department level?
Does every team member work with full engagement, or they react by questioning
"why me?" at every task?
Retain the best ones
"We train them, develop their skills, and they leave..."
How to retain valuable employees?
Considering that emphasis on constant salary growth leads to mismatch of expectation
(company vs. employee)
A culture, every aspect of which is determined to bring results
Start building High Performance Culture
In my work I am guided by obtaining maximum effect and practicability in the use of resources. Ultimate solution is a selection of practices and tools, based on company needs.

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