What is a Company Develoment Workshop?

This workshop is a format of team session during which everyone participates in making company-related decisions, often the topics discussed at the workshop are complex and cannot be solved using standard approaches (like general meeting or brainstorm session).

The facilitator of the workshop helps involve and integrate different perspectives, creating synergy effect and totally new ideas, which could not be created by individual thinking process or simple brainstorm.
For whom?
The workshop is suitable for organisations in any industry. Structurally I work with flat organisations, distributed teams, or more traditional companies. The size of the company: starting from twelve team members to a thousand.

My experience includes tech companies, creative industry, digital organisations, education companies, consulting firms and social enterpeneurship.
Why you need it?

Organisational development workshop contributes to team engagement, increased ownership and energy, it allows each participant make their contribution in company development.

If you want to create internal enterpreneurship mindset in the team and more input from others such workshop can be a good solution.
Here are 3 important reasons to consider
Change is the NEW REALITY
Markets today are volatile, new technologies appear every day, economic situation is changing, clients' needs are dynamic - there are so many variables that it becomes impossible for a small group of people (i.e. managers) to decide everything, just because they no longer have full picture. The increased complexity requires solutions based on team synergy effect.
Internal disintegration
If your company is growing, there is an effect that different teams or departments/offices can start growing apart or "pull in different directions", which does not feel like team any more. Trust and good communication are not just happening by themselves, you need to re-create them at certain stages of growth, and re-integrate the team.
Development and business needs
It is often the case that companies invest a lot of resources in development, which often encounters resistance and lack of enthusiasm, and is "consumed" at a surface level. Real development happens only when the person decides internally s/he needs it. There is a need to help people get ownership of their development, in the way that will contribute to team and company performance, as well as clarify what individual contribution can each and every team member have in company development.

Without ownership and engagement the company is losing lots of unutilized potential and opportunities.
On the other hand, having an engaged team where everyone is aligned with the company goals will give you the best position in any sector and in any market

The workshop contributes to creating a synergy effect and an atmosphere of greater trust, cooperation and company agility.
Facilitator will ensure equal participation and integrated approach
Sometimes the company decides on a new strategy (e.g. launching new products or new business model), but the team is behind and change doesn't happen.
The workshop integrates all 3 levels: company, team, individual.
Business results

Collective wisdom applied to company strategy and key projects for next 6-12 months
Team coordination

Effective inter-departamental cooperation and communication.
Collectively designed action plan for assuring united efforts and engagement.
Individual responsibility

Alignment of strategy to each team member professional goals and growth areas.
Clarity about individual roles.
Expected results include group work solutions + effects on the team
The workshop allows to:

+ integrate individual goals with company goals
+ identify clear development goals and inputs
+ exchange and consolidate opinions
+ create motivation and commitment

From "I" or "us vs. them" to "we together"
Workshop Examples
(objectives and topics)

The below are brief examples of workshop topics for some of my clients. Each workshop is designed accounting for unique context of the organisation (i.e. existing expectations, current situation, team dynamic and input, etc.)
Organisational vision and goals
  • Where do we see our company in X years?
  • How can we bring our organization to the desired future?
  • What is the contribution and impact we want to create?
Company culture
  • What should our culture look like?
  • How do we help our values "become alive", not just on paper? How to communicate them?
  • What elements of culture contribute to our business success and which are in the way for us to achieve our goals?
  • How do we maintain our culture during company growth?
Uniqueness and strategy
  • What are the best strategies for succeeding as an organization?
  • What is our uniqueness? What makes us different from others?
  • What do we need to stop doing, what are inefficient strategies? What strategies will help us achieve our goals?
  • Identifying most suitable company structure and roles
  • Creating effective and fast decision making process
  • Collaboration between five different departments (marketing, sales, design, finance and admin)
  • Communication and effective teamwork in a distributed team during constant growth
  • Etc
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